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Our Reviews

We are committed to making Met245 a warm and inviting place for our residents to call home. Thats why we regularly survey our residents and monitor our online reviews to learn what were doing well, what we need to fix, and how we can make our property even better. Check out what some of our residents are saying about us below!

"Super welcoming and helpful community combined with active events and management! I love living here and meeting my new neighbors. Seeing everyone's front door decor always makes me happy."
- Helen, 12/2/2022

"New office location has spruced things up with a different vibe.  I still love living here!  Recent changes to office team hasn't changed anything, which is good or bad depending on who is asked.  I'm very happy to feel like the staff truly cares about the tenants needs.  The property mgmt company leaves a bad taste, but has nothing to do with the on site staff who are great!"
- Dorrie, 11/12/2022

"Great environment and peaceful. Quiet and convenient access to public transportation.  Nice exercise room with pool and hot tub.  Dog friendly areas nearby."
- Steven, 11/5/2022

"Great amenities, nice central location, walkable, and wonderful neighbors. I would love to see a space dedicated to pets. Overall I really like this community so far."
- Stacy, 10/22/2022

"I'm a happy Renter here at the Met245!!! It's been a wonderful experience for me and my family. The location i found is the best thus far, I work only 2 miles away!"
- Brittney, 10/12/2022

"So happy to now call Met245 home! I love my apartment and there are so many amenities that are obviously kept up regularly. The staff has been so nice and helpful!"
- Tamra, 10/3/2022

"People talk in the elevators! I think that's a good sign that it's a good vibe. Haven' been there long enough to see the community during the rainy season."
- Brianna, 9/25/2022

"The move in process was quick and the staff was very helpful! I enjoyed the reference documents I was given at the time of move in, and everything was so easy to set-up. The few pumps I've had during this process were addressed right away and handled professionally."
- Brittany, 9/13/2022

"My family is very pleased with the decision to move to Met245! Such a lovely apartment in a quiet, clean property and very walkable! We enjoy walking to weight park, local grocery shopping and breweries.  The proximity to everything is impressive!"
- Jisette, 9/7/2022

"Great place to live the staff is great plenty of things to do. It is very quiet and everything is clean. the roof is a great place to go and relax."
- William, 8/29/2022

"Great location, near shopping and downtown, maintenance staff is awesome.  Management is easy to talk to. Been here a long time for a reason."
- Scott, 8/28/2022

"Jessica and Nathan are Stars, as leasing consultants their plates are always full, but they still give amazing customer service. Transparent and friendly, was my first impression, hardworking and patient is who they are."
- Michael, 8/20/2022

"Very nice apartments! Great neighborhood during the day very active ! Amenities are amazing, and the apartment manager is so helpful and kind !! Valet trash is one of my favorite perks ,and the events they hold are wonderful !!"
- Jordan, 8/13/2022